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Stellar Blade puts you in the shoes of tough heroine Eve, who’s out to eliminate the Naytiba threat. Still, no one ever said that you can’t take out your foes in style. You can do just that by finding many attires throughout the campaign. Here’s our guide on how to get all Eve nano suits and outfits in Stellar Blade. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to get all nano suits and outfits in Stellar Blade

There are several ways to get all outfits and nano suits for Eve:

  • A few are available by default or are given to you as part of the story.
  • The vast majority are acquired through general exploration.
  • Others are rewarded by completing quests or collectible tallies.
  • Some can be readily equipped, while many others require polymer materials and must be crafted first via the Repair Console.
  • Alternate colorways can be unlocked via New Game Plus.

Our Stellar Blade outfits and nano suits guide is arranged partially in terms of the region/location, and partially in chronological order or in keeping with the theme.

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